Every Insurance Agent started their agency with the primary focus of helping their neighbors recover from the unexpected. In today’s insurance culture and technology-driven society, the role of the Agent in the delivery of a Claims promise has deteriorated. We strive to raise up a work force of insurance agents from around the country to rally around our fellow afflicted Agents, their Team Members, and their Agencies when total chaos has ensued. We want to serve the agency community immediately after a catastrophe to assist with office logistics, communications, and basic community support. Although each situation would require different responses, we just want to be “boots on the ground” to help support our fellow agent as they are suddenly carrying the weight of losses to their own personal family, their team members, and their clients.

Where the Money Goes:
Our major purchases would be a school bus and a RV. The school bus will be retro-fitted to be a mobile office for the afflicted agent. It will not only serve as a temporary office space for the agent and team members, but as well as a physical landmark for clients to rally around. Secondly, we need to secure a RV that can sleep 8-10 people. When entering an afflicted area, the last thing we would want to do is take up highly prized hotel rooms that are needed for displaced citizens or claims representatives. The RV would give us the ability to house our volunteer agency force with no affects to the hotel room supply. Ongoing donations would allow us to grow our fleet of retro-fitted buses and RVs and have them staged around the country for easiest access.

John Tyler Carlson
Evanston, IL